Hello world !

Welcome to ChicAdoraTrip.WordPress.com! This is my very first post and I am so excited to share everything about me, about us, about Chic Adora. I am not into blogging but there’s this one person who inspires me to do so.  Here she is http://divinemlee.com/ ,  Yes! Indeed! it’s Divine Lee  🙂

She inspires me and my partner to start Chic Adora.

It is an online shop that sells anything. It was amusingly derived from the word “Chikadora” which means talkative. Talk – Talk -Talk – Talking in a way that the Chicas (clients) will be enticed to have and get what they want.  TALKING with positivity is great!!!  Chic Adora makes sure that this will be your one stop shop for anything and everything under the sun.

So mga kafatid I’ll keep you posted sa mga Talks and Trips ni Chic Adora. Trip Ibenta. Trip Puntahan. Trip Kainin. Trip Gawin. Trip Sabihin. At lahat ng klase ng Trips.

Owkie. Happy blogging!!! 🙂


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